It’s a Mac Thing: I think I get it.

Cool. I got my iMac last week, and Iâ??ve spent the weekend getting to know it. Itâ??s a really great machine. The Mac OS has come a long way since my last experience with it (back in the OS 8.5 days). Iâ??ve been following it closely ever since leaving it for the Windows camp, but reading about it and using it are two different things. I welcome this move out of the Windows morass!

Iâ??m using the iMac Core Duo, and the great iLife software that comes standard on it, to build this web site. Iâ??m going back in time, posting items from my diary and other defunct blogs as time permits.

Itâ??s interesting to note that there is a great amount of fear regarding Appleâ??s technology. First and foremost, thereâ??s a camp of people who steadfastly refuse to consider buying/using a Mac. In my many conversations with these people, it becomes readily apparent that theyâ??ve never used a Mac. Ever. They have, for all intents, been limited to the Microsoft method of computing. Now, to each his own, but it sure seems to me that before you state an opinion, you ought to have some knowledge of the topic. Otherwise, you become a victim of your own prejudice. Lord knows thatâ??s the cause of a great deal of heartache in the world. If your desktop bigotry leaves you defending a myth….

A friend of mine chastised me for buying the new-model iMac, going so far as announcing to a coworker of mine that I had made a mistake. His point was that no-one in their right mind would buy a new revision of a computer. Whatâ??s obvious is that heâ??s basing his sentiments on trolling the various Mac-faithful forum sites, wherein users report various problems with their computers. It seems to me that these forums are in no way representative of the Macintosh experience; those with problems will seek out a solution by posting to the boards. Plainly thatâ??s human nature. Heck, Marketing 101 taught us is that dissatisfied customers shriek the loudest. I doubt the users who have no problems are posting their experiences there. In a nutshell, to view a companyâ??s offerings based on support forums ignores the other 1,253,900 quarterly buyers who arenâ??t having problems. And finally, itâ??s less than reasonable to suggest that buying a PC from one of the clone assemblers is an experience any safer: Apple consistently beats the pants off other vendors in customer satisfaction.

Fantastic stuff, Apple.

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