Staying Positive, and Seeking Change

It’s been just about 6 weeks since Nate’s diagnosis. He’s been through a number of blood tests, which has prompted him to ask often if he’s going to the “Pinchy Doctor”. The great news is that his platelet counts have eased back into the normal range. He’s due for another checkup in a few weeks, which will really shed some light on whether his body is healing itself or whether the increased counts are due to the Win Rho. Let’s hope!

Yesterday, Charita and I informed the Dean at UCCS that we’d not be seeking employment with the college after graduation. It took him off guard, but we both felt it only fair to let him know now so that he has time to backfill.

I’ve posted a video that I created a while back on my iMac… It’s silly, but was fun to do something creative and spur of the moment. It shows scenes from Yermo, California, where I grew up. It’s 1.7 MB in size and requires QuickTime 7 (free).

And finally, of interest to probably only me, the Windows XP on Mac contest I mentioned on 2/3 has run its course, and result in a workable solution for dual booting Windows XP on the Intel-based Macs (video showing iMac booting Win XP). W00t! The contest paid nearly $14,500 payoff to the guy that figured it out.