UCCS Meets iMac – Day 2

Day Two has turned out no different than Day One. There’s been a non-stop stream of people stopping by my office, each one walking away impressed as hell with the iMac Duo. Even the die-hard Windows people are taking some time to check out the offerings.

UCCS students Mike and Isaac mug for the built-in camera of the iMacA number of people have been commenting that Macs don’t fit well into the workflow of our College. They’ve variously informed me that Macs wouldn’t interface well with our NT-based file servers, that the Internet would be slower, that VPN was problematic, and that Office documents couldn’t be used. Classic anti-mac sentiments based on misinformation.

Now, given the state of IT on our campus, I would have been within my rights to be a bit nervous. But, I figured, if the Mac can connect and function here, that would be a real testament to its capabilities. It’s kind of like the new kid trying to fit into the established clique, all the while maintaining his authenticity… I usually root for that guy.

So, on Day Two I disproved all of those misinformed assertions. I connected to the file shares — and all parties, including the tech support guys, commented that even though I was using wireless, the file directories appeared much faster than on Windows. I then opened every Word, PowerPoint and Excel document thrown at me, from a number of “interested” parties. Of course, I was able to VPN into the campus network with nary a problem. It just keeps getting better and better.

I then demonstrated to several staff and faculty members how quickly a web site could be built, even using advanced technology typically out of the reach of that audience, such as blogging, photo albums, RSS feeds, and podcasts.

Looks like the Mac may have a place in the College of Business after all.

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