Create a Dropbox clone on Mac OS X Mavericks using OwnCloud

My company uses Dropbox extensively for sharing project files. It truly is an enhancement to our workflow. But, we don’t like the privacy concerns of hosting our contracts and other confidential information in their cloud, nor do we like the cost. We like everything else.

OwnCloud is an open source alternative to Dropbox, and provides the same features.

I decided to install it on our Mac mini server to give it a trial run. Here’s how I did it:

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Install memcached and APC on Mavericks Server 3 (Mac OS X 10.9)

Dramatically speed speed up sites hosted using Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Server (like SocialEngine, Drupal, WordPress, or other PHP/MySQL web site) by adding APC and Memcache.

Here’s how to install APC and memcache on Mac OS X Mavericks server, which runs PHP 5.4:

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Rebuilding PHP extensions to work with Mac OS X Mavericks server and PHP 5.4

Because Mavericks server uses PHP 5.4, any extensions you may have compiled for previous versions of Mac OS X (such as memcache, apc, mcrypt) need to be recompiled and reinstalled.

This post assumes you used MacPorts to compile and install the PHP extensions in question. Here’s how to accomplish the task:

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Install memcache and APC on Mac OS X Server (snow leopard 10.6, Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8)

Looking to speed up your SocialEngine, Drupal, or other PHP/MySQL web site? The combination of APC and Memcache can really speed up sites based on these platforms. If you’re an admin of a server running Mac OS X Server (10.6), here’s how to install APC and memcache on Mac OS X server:

Download and install MacPorts from

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Handy regex / preg_match for ZIP codes, phone numbers, states, SSN, URLs, and email addresses

Here is a handy collection of regular expressions, for use with PHP preg_match. If you need to check for properly formatted US states (two letters), US ZIP codes, US phone numbers, US Social Security Numbers, URLs for web sites, and properly formatted email addresses, read on: Continue reading