Microsoft proposes professional IT body with power to censure IT workers

Citing the high rate of failure in IT implementation projects, Microsoft’s National Technology Officer (UK) is suggesting the formation of a professional IT licensing body, which would have the power of censure and credential revocation for IT workers. Such an organization would be modelled after other professional licensing bodies such as the American Medical Association. 

The proposal raises real concerns for industry professionals around long enough to have comparative experience ouside the Microsoft bubble. Many see such a move as a thinly-veiled effort aimed at cementing Microsoft’s practices and protocols as the IT industry’s Hippocratic standard instead of a digital ‘Do No Harm’ sort of organization.

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Prevent Mac OS X from mounting a hard drive volume at boot

Reader Charles asked a great question after reading my post about hiding a mounted disk volume on the desktop. He asked, in a nutshell, how to cause Mac OS X to not automatically mount a volume. Basically, Charles wants to leave his bootcamp volume unmounted when in Mac OS X. As it sits, Mac OS X automatically mounts all non-removable drives at startup. Continue reading