Experiments with boosting social media likes

I’m curious whether for-pay Facebook like sites like boostlikes┬áreally work. They have a free offer whereby one can gain 250 Facebook likes from “real” people. The catch? I have to post their URL to my site. Well, here we go. They claim I’ll notice results in 4-7 days. I’ll report back the results here. For the record, my page (which will be undisclosed) currently has 96 likes.

boostlikes even claims to be able to deliver likes from US-based Facebook users. Of course, that’s a premium price, but those are probably a) more valuable to US-based businesses; b) resonate better with US-based consumers; and c) cost more for boostlikes to acquire.

— Follow up: November 13, 2013 —

Last night I received notice from boostlikes that they kicked off my free campaign at 9:05 p.m. Within minutes I had 446 page likes, a gain of 350 likes. Most are from users with names of a Hispanic origin.

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