Restore 30 second commercial skip to your Motorola DCT 6416 DVR

Want to fast forward 30 seconds at a time (commercial skip) on your Motorola 6416, 6412, or 6408 DVR? I’ve got a Motorola DCT 6416 DVR, which is used by Insight Cable here in Northern Kentucky and elsewhere, and by Comcast elsewhere. Both cable companies have kowtowed to the networks on this issue, disabling the feature. Fear not! The days those annoying ads that interrupt the TV shows you’ve already paid for are over!

If you have the silver remote you can do it yourself. But, keep in mind that I don’t guarantee any results. YOU MIGHT JUST JACK UP YOUR REMOTE:

  1. Press ‘CABLE’
  2. Press and hold ‘SETUP’ until the light flashes twice
  3. Enter ‘994’
  4. Press ‘SETUP’ once again 
  5. Enter ‘00173’ (or just 173 if that doesn’t work)
  6. Press the unused button you want it mapped, such as the LOCK button just below the 10 second back button

If you jack up your remote, don’t blame me. You can restore the original function to your reassigned button by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the “Setup” key until the a device button blinks twice.
  2. Type in the code 994. The light will blink twice.
  3. Press the device key you are restoring twice.

Reportedly, this works on all 64xx series DVRs, as well as the 34XX series. 

1 thought on “Restore 30 second commercial skip to your Motorola DCT 6416 DVR

  1. What a find — thank you thank you thank you.
    I came for the GD install, which I haven’t gotten figured out quite yet, but this is a really nice bonus!

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