Apple bug breaks 3rd party USB web cams; no fix from Cupertino

Since the release of Apple’s 10.4.10 update, users (including me) have been complaining to Apple that their third-party USB web cams have lost audio capabilities. Although a bug report was issued and acknowledged (ID #5285354) by Apple, no fix has been forthcoming. In fact, Apple has stranded a large number of users in a void where iChat AV no longer has audio and video chat functionality.

This has wreaked havoc with communication in my workplace as well as social life.

The current workaround that is being proposed by, erm, helpful Mac addicts is to replace a kernel extension in 10.4.10 with the one from 10.4.10. Hardly a solution for production machines.

I, for one, expect a lot more from Apple. Apple’s left us stranded since June 20th! Perhaps this begs the question: Is Apple’s focus on becoming a consumer electronics firm causing it to overlook Mac OS X? If this is what we can expect from the new Apple Inc., I’d prefer to go back to Apple Computer, Inc.

Or maybe I should adjust my mindset and Think Different.

Even though the bug has been reported, I strongly encourage Mac users to file a bug report as it raises awareness within the company that this is an important issue.

Apple forum discussion on this bug.

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