U.S. Army Pays $400 per Gallon for Gas

Four hundred dollars for a gallon of gas. Crazy, right? Not if you’re war profiteering!

Hydrogen fuel represents the great hope for energy independence. A friend of mine sent me a great link to a BBC video showing General Motors’ new Hy-wire, a functional concept car that is 100% powered by hydrogen. Sweet! But, as I began to do some followup research on the web, I stumbled across something that gave me pause:

The U.S. Army has spent as much as $400 PER GALLON to ship gas to Iraq. $400 a gallon?!

“The U.S. Army has the largest fleet of vehicles in the world. Improving fuel economy and reducing the logistics of the fuel supply chain could save millions of dollars. For example, it cost the U.S. Army up to $400 a gallon of gas to ship fuel to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Source: General Motors

Reminiscent of the $800 toilet seat, $500 coffee maker, and the $400 monkey-wrench from the 1980s. Except, in this instance, I’ll bet we’re buying a whole lot more gas than toilet seats. Not to mention that gas is made from the raw materials just down the road in that little country we liberated a few years back: Kuwait.

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