Add Google Maps iframe & YouTube embed to Apple Wiki Server

Apple’s Teams Wiki Server supports very few HTML tags out of the box, in order to keep things simple. But, like Any Good Unix Ought To, Mac OS X Server gives you the ability to manipulated things, such as adding iframe, embed, param, and object tags to the Wiki/Blog server. Here’s how:

First, navigate to the WikiServer directory:

cd /Library/Application\ Support/Apple/WikiServer/

Then, create a plist file with the following XML:

sudo tee whitelist.plist

Enter your administrator’s password. If you don’t know what it is, you probably have no good reason to be doing this stuff any way.

Now, copy and paste this in:




Now, press “Return” on your keyboard.

Next, press CTRL-D to close the file.

Check that the file was properly written:

echo whitelist.plist

It should output the exact XML data from above.

Stop the WikiServer:

sudo serveradmin stop teams

Start the WikiServer:

sudo serveradmin start teams

2 thoughts on “Add Google Maps iframe & YouTube embed to Apple Wiki Server

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  2. Hey Chris, just the job – thanks. I only just know the Administrator’s password 🙂 but as an aging wannabe ServerMeister I just can’t resist pushing the xgrid.

    Thanks again, Norman

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