Apple: Drop the Smug Ads

I’m sick of Apple’s snobbery. As an AAPL stockholder and customer, I’m fed up with Apple alienating and insulting PC users.

Now, I’m not a Mac-hater; far from it. In fact, I’m a recent re-convert, having come back to the Mac platform after leaving it for Windows 95 when Microsoft was turning itself around based on Bill Gates’ long-overdue realization that the web was the future. Now, I’m primarily a Mac user. Up until just over a year ago, I was primarily a Windows user. Long story short, I bought the then-new Intel iMac in January 2006 knowing I’d be able to run everything on it sooner than later, and that panned out so well that I’ve no need for any other computer.

Seriously; this from a guy that once had a Sun box, a Linux box, a WinXP box and a Mac sitting on the same desk at the same time.

I’m telling you, this is the very best platform to work on. It has nothing to do with snobbery; nothing to do with “hip”. It has to do with flexibility and work flow, consistency and stability. It does not have anything to do with perfection, nor black mock turtlenecks and Job’s venerated reality distortion field.

So what in the name of Steve Wozniack is Apple doing with their current Mac campaign? Why are they excluding so many by offending them? I’ve heard many people complain that “Mac users have this air of superiority”. The ads that Apple is currently running are based around that notion, and that’s bullshit, to be frank.

What people need to know about the platform is this:

With a Mac, I can do everything (literally) that you can do on your PC, but you can’t do everything on your PC that I can do on my Mac.

That’s the bottom line. That’s the value add. Why? Because it begs the question of the consumer: “Why would I buy anything else?”

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