Offer accepted

Okay, I’ve been in offer mode for the past week or so. I started in a new role at UCCS on June 1: Director of Web Development. This should offer me a good platform from which to build a dynamic web-based learning environment.

Our new home

We travelled to Ft. Thomas, KY this past weekend. We flew from Denver to Chicago, then drove the 6 hours through Indianapolis and Cincy. What a beautiful part of this country. Wow. How lucky are we, huh? So, we looked at lots of houses and … we had an offer accepted on one! The new place is in Kentucky: 48 Rossford Avenue. See this photo show for pix of the place. It’s cute, and has an amazing back yard. There’s a bit about it that reminds me of my teen-years home in Hugo, Colorado. That’s a good thing, because I liked that place. We think (and by we, I mean the whole family) that it will be a great place to live! We’ve got a truck reserved for a move on the 26th of June. Now…who wants to help?

Another cool tidbit. Remember the whole iMac episode? Well, the College just finished the acquisition of new computers for faculty and staff. Guess what? 21 of 27 (78%) ordered Macs. Amazing what a little show and tell can do! Apple….are you listening?
MacBook in black with 23
BTW, with my new role, the school’s decided to buy me a Mac too. Excellent! I opted for the über-portability of the 13.3″ MacBook (in black), plus a 23″ cinema display. Nice.

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