Too afraid to swallow

It had him acting so mad that he was
Too Afraid to Swallow;

His knee pain, literally means, see:
A Single Leg to Stand On;

Swimming so erratically,
He’s Struggling In Classes That Are Nothing To Know

Symptoms last time,
Branded In the Rib Like a Sacrificial Heydey Savior

Her freedom sexually seems like

“The Demons You Helped Seed Have Newfound Meaning for Me”

You know, Like parents spending lives
In Affair after Affair after Affair

Like a Man who Can imagine
What Its Like To Be Cuckholded

Like a Man Who Can Imagine
She Wants More Of It Than Just Him

Like a man, who’s small AND little
defeated from that day on.

So, it’s not that he doesn’t want that for her
It’s a Just a Big Bunch of Pride To Swallow
And Fear and Shame and Sadness in which to Wallow.

Unless, you two kids are truly in love,
And then, in that case,
Act like Abraham and Prepare For The Next Morning.

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